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Commercial Analyst


Position Title: Commercial Analyst, MeatEater Inc.                                                             

Reports To: Chief Commercial Officer, MeatEater Inc.

Based In: Ketchum, Idaho



  • Focus on revenue growth, customer and product trends, and scaled analysis across a multi-brand, multi-channel portfolio.
  • Leverage data to guide pre & post sales and distribution strategy
  • Provide analysis to maximize revenue across all channels
  • Provide pricing and costing guidance
  • Work with product team to identify opportunity and commerce trends
  • Present data and findings internally to showcase areas of success and opportunity
  • Discover and resolve issues
  • Build reporting dashboards and data visualizations for use by internal teams to monitor micro and macro trends (tableau and/or Looker)
  • Communicate with executive team to project, problem solve, strategize and troubleshoot
  • Investigate data to discover opportunities and uncover risks
  • Proactively Identify actionable insights for demand partners
  • Share and present data


  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Must have experience using SQL on large datasets or Excel on small datasets.
  • Tableau, Looker or other BI tools experience required.
  • Able to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Resourceful, able to self-educate, not afraid to ask questions
  • Able to think and act both strategically (big picture) and tactically (details)
  • Bridge the gap between business and technology
  • Comfortable working in a team as well as independently
  • Able to self-manage and prioritize a multitude of responsibilities and workstreams
  • Comfortable in front of variety of audiences including executives and management teams
  • Adaptable and open to change
  • Ability to aggregate data from different sources (e.g. finance systems, google/web and other commerce and traffic analytics, ERP and CRM platforms)
  • Ability transforming data to meet business needs (e.g. custom aggregations, custom geographies, cleansing data, etc.)
  • Ability to build visualizations in a way that is easy for management, product teams, etc. to quickly parse the relevant insights.
  • Experience in HubSpot, Shopify, Salesforce, NetSuite or Oracle, Google Analytics/Google Ads, Amazon, and/or Demandware all a plus.

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